Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

Fire/EMS & Safety Services

Address Signs

The Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District operates a non-profit community service campaign to offer address signs to the residents of Madeira and Indian Hill. Too often in an emergency, valuable time is lost because street numbers are hard to find or hard to read, especially at night.  Reflective address signs are not only helpful to FIRE, EMS, and POLICE, they are also helpful to delivery people, friends, and business acquaintances.  Click above on the ADDRESS SIGNS link for more information or to order a sign for your residence.


Premise History Information

A Premise History contains critical information that you have provided us about the individual who lives alone and has a significant medical condition. We will supply you with a form that will ask about the individual’s medical condition, doctors, hospital preferences, medical alarms, family contact phone numbers and more.  Click above on the PREMISE HISTORY link for more information.


Tent Inspections

Most tents for events and gatherings are regulated by law and require a permit.  If the tents is on non-residential property, it may also require a building permit.  Click above on the TENT & CANOPY link for more information.


Child Safety Seat Inspections

The Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District believes in the safety provided to infants and young children by the proper use of Child Safety Seats, and the injury prevention power of such seats.  For parents and caregivers, it is not always apparent which seat is best suited for each child, let alone the proper installation of the seat.  We support the effort to keep young people safe and strongly endorse the use of child safety seats.  Click above on the CHILD SAFETY SEAT link for more information or to schedule  a consultation.