Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

General Information

Access for EMS and Fire Response Vehicles

Fire Trucks and Ambulance vehicles are large. The vehicles are necessary in that they carry the personnel and the equipment for our EMS and firefighting personnel to do their job. In the case of the ambulance, the vehicle provides the means to transport sick and injured citizens.  In nearly all cases, the ability to position these vehicles is very important.  Click above on the ACCESS FOR EMS AND FIRE link for more information.


Open Burning and Air Quality Protection

Open burning is regulated in the Joint Fire District by local and state law.   You are “open burning” any time you light an outdoor fire.  Respect for our neighbors and our environment (air quality, global warming, etc.) dictate adherence to the outlined guidelines for open burning.  Click above on the OPEN BURNING link for guidelines and information on open burn permits.