Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

Child Safety Seat Consults

Multiple times each year we respond to auto accidents involving collisions that would have resulted in injuries requiring hospitalization save the presence of air bags and the use of CHILD SAFETY SEATS.

The innuendo of which child needs to be in which type of seat, up to what age and weight range, is confusing to many parents.  The best reference guide for this discussion and for your consideration as a parent is located on the web at and contains many great tips for child safety. 

Among these is a basic car seat safety checklist that helps operationally answer questions with regard to which type seat, for what child, at what age and weight:

Your fire department supports the effort to keep young people safe and endorses the use of child safety seats. Check the above resource out. If you still have questions, call us at 561-7926 or submit the form below to schedule a consultation or installation of a child safety seat.