Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District


Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District

Firefighter-Paramedic (Career) Hiring Process

The Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District will begin a process to establish an eligibility list to fill vacancies for the position of Career Firefighter-Paramedic in coming weeks.

The Firefighter-Paramedic (Career) position involves responsibility for performing advanced emergency medical procedures, firefighting and rescue duties; participation in fire station and equipment maintenance, engaging in training; participation in fitness programs and other related duties.  A complete job description will be available at time of application.

Qualifications for application include being at least 21 years of age and less than 41 years of age at time of original appointment, a non-smoker, a high school diploma or GED, Ohio paramedic certificate and FF-II at time of appointment, valid driver’s license and others.  A complete list of qualifications will be available at time of application.

The testing process for possible appointment to a career Firefighter- Paramedics position will ultimately include multiple components. 

Candidates with 5 or more years as a full time firefighter may choose to apply for lateral transfer consideration and forego the written assessment.

IMPORTANT: A certificate of successful completion of the IAFF/IAFC Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) in the previous twelve months is among the required components for appointment.

Apply here.

Applications must be submitted online by 1700 hrs. March 29th, 2019,




The men and women of the Madeira & Indian Hill Fire Department are proud to provide fire and emergency medical services (EMS) to the citizens of our fire district, comprised of the cities of Madeira & Indian Hill, Ohio.

 Under one form or another prior to our current JOINT FIRE DISTRICT model, we have served the citizens of Madeira and Indian Hill since 1924!

 The fire district operates out of two fire stations. One station is located at Miami and Euclid Avenues in Madeira and the other located at Drake and Shawnee Run Roads in Indian Hill. In the integrated operations system of the county, we are Stations 64 and 65.  Station 64, at Shawnee Run Rd. and Drake Rd. serves as the district headquarters.

We currently employ 17 full-time and 20 part-time professionals, so that we can staff 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. The fire district also employs a clerk who handles the accounting and bookkeeping and an administrative assistant who assists the Fire Chief, Captain and Clerk with the administrative needs of the department.

 As your fire department, we respond to fire, EMS, and hazardous condition situations such as auto accidents, hazardous materials releases, flooding, broken water lines, trees on buildings, power lines down and many other types of citizen safety incidents. We are involved in fire prevention, inspection, injury prevention, public education and disaster preparedness.  Daily activities also include preparing and maintaining our trucks and equipment, fire and emergency medical services training, assembling information necessary and helpful for emergency response and other support activities.

We are periodically evaluated in our work by outside groups or agencies. Our EMS operations were found to continue in compliance with the standards of The Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati for a 5 Year period beginning in September of 2013. The most recent Insurance Service Office (ISO) evaluation (2010) of our fire operations resulted in an improvement of our rating from a Class 4 department to a Class 3 fire department.

As a public sector emergency response organization, we strive to provide the right people, in the right place, at the right time and with the right training and equipment to positively intervene when emergencies for people, property and the environment occur.

Thank You for your interest in our mission!